In 1984 I visited Morokulien for the first time. Up to now (Sept. 2005) I have been at that place 5 times. Still, the idea of the 'country' Morokulien is fascinating and worth to follow. Two countries – initiated by a peace movement more than 100 years ago – are showing their mutual intention of peace by way of a small piece of land right on their border. Moreover, Morokulien shows that it is possible to unite (or adjust) the laws of two countries for managing a shared piece of land. I wish that something similar like Morokulien could be raised for example between Germany and the Netherlands. My home, the county of Bentheim, with its Dutch neighbour provinces Twente and Drenthe would be ideal for such a project.

The idea for this web site came into being a long time ago. There used to be an official web site (, but its emphasis was more on touristic aspects and it also said little about the amateur radio station in Morokulien. Anyway, the official page is taken over by some other company in spring 2006.

I would very much appreciate old photos and photos of the 80ies (before the new tourist information was built) of Morokulien.

Stefan Freinatis, DL6BZ, Spring 2006   

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