Grensstua Morokulien

Rental and Operation — Hints for radio amateurs

Stefan Freinatis, DL6BZ, September 2005


Grensstua - die FunkhütteRental

The allowances for one night are 300 SEK as of September 2005. This is about 33 €. Until summer 2005, Enar Janson (SM4IM) took care of the cottage and its subletting. Enar has however moved from Charlottenberg to Arvika now. Because of this and for health reasons he cannot look after the cottage any more. Therefore the Swedish customs took over the hiring. Contact person at the customs is Mr Odd Westby (SM4SXQ). Erwin (SM4DLT) from Sunne kindly called him on the phone, therefore I did not talk to him personally. I just went to the customs office, showed my licence, and asked about the grensstua (the cottage). A gentle officer went to the back and returned with the cottage occupation plan. He checked for other reservations and then added me to the plan. I paid 300 SEK and received the keys.

Contact information on the bookmaster of the Grensstua cottage, Mr Odd Westby, SM4SXQ, can be found on the official ARIM site. Just use the 'find' function of your browser to quickly locate 'SM4SXQ' on that page.


Zollstation The keys can be fetched at the Swedish customs office (TULL)

Operating the cottage

It took me some time to discover (and translate) the hints on the doors and walls. Let me start with the cottage itself first.

Operating the radio station

A sign on the wall in the shack asks to ground the antenna after usage (position "0"). Also the power supply plugs have to be pulled out before leaving the cottage.These are the plugs I found pulled when entering the cottage:

The modem was connected when I arrived, so I left it connected on my departure. The antenna rotor for the 6m antenna on the roof was as well disconnected, however, I did not use the 6m band. Another note at the wall recommends in Swedish not to open the Mic Gain of the IC 765 too much. The note advises to leave the knob in the 9 o'clock position, otherwise the modulation would become distorted. Moreover the note advises to keep a distance of 30 cm to the microfone — and to observe the ALC.


LG5LGSJ9WLSomehow desperate I was looking for recommendations on how to use the calls. Are there advises on the call rota? No, I could not find any. But the guestbook in the living room turned out to be some source of information on how others used and switched the call sign. In most cases the call sign had been changed per day. A couple from Germany used another method: The OM used one call, his XYL used the other. Nice idea.

However, it should please be kept in mind not to undermine the requirements for the Morokulien-Award by a too fast switch of call signs (that is, not to make it too easy). I sticked to the daily change. Up to 00:00 UTC I was using one call, then I went QRT and started in the morning using the other call.


For a long time the QSL-Manager used to be Jan Hallenberg, SM5DJZ. The new QSL manager (from September 1st, 2006) is:

Svenn-Erik Spigseth
Vardeliveien 16

Source of information

As seen from another note in the shack, only incoming QSLs will be responded to. I guess that OM Svenn-Erik compares the incoming QSL with the logbook, and then replies in case the entries do match. The logbook allows for blueprints. Since I found many blueprints left in the book, I decided to leave my blueprints as well. I copied (pen and paper copy) my log entries and took them home. I have no idea for whom actually the blueprints are supposed to be.

Amateur radio equipment

For short wave there is a IC 765 at disposal. The rig has an internal automatic antenna tuner. Nevertheless, there is another external antenna tuner connected in series. This was a bit confusing — what sense do two tuners in series make? I used only the internal one. For 2m there is an IC 251E. The rig is supplied by a 12 V external power supply. The repater in Sunne on R7 (145.775 MHz) can be reached very well.


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