Amateurradio in Morokulien

There is a cottage located close to the border. The cottage (called "grensstua") contains an amateurradio station. Licensed radio amateurs may transport the idea of Morokulien to the world on the short wave bands. For that, the amateurradio station is assigned two special call signs: SJ9WL as Swedish call, and LG5LG as Norwegian call.

Grensstua (Amateur radio station) Antenna tower
The Grensstua cottage with amateurradio Antenna tower with TH6DX beam

Signs at the cottage entrance

By choice of the call sign the operator decides about which law applies: the Swedish law or the Norwegian law. According to the Swedish law – as a side note – operation is not allowed on the 6m band. The cottage has

Wohnzimmer Sitzecke in Wohnzimmer Diplome an der Wand
The living room (click for larger images)


Shack Frontalsicht Kurzwellentransceiver IC-765
The shack (click for larger images)

The cottage is maintained by the Swedish-Norwegian club ARIM (Amateurradio in Morokulien). The proceeds from renting out the cottage are used to support handicapped people in both countries to attain their amateur radio licence.

For interested radio amateurs: Hints on renting and operating the cottage.

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